Leadership University

Leadership University is a virtual educational institution that provides leadership development training and resources for individuals and organizations. It offers a range of courses, seminars, and workshops on topics such as effective communication, decision making, conflict resolution, and team building. Leadership University may also provide coaching and mentorship services, as well as resources and tools for assessing and developing leadership skills. The goal of Leadership University is to help individuals and organizations build strong, effective leadership teams and create a positive, productive culture.

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Dynamic Communication

Imagine how powerful it would be to communicate in a way that fully engages your team in its mission and motivates them to achieve success.  Imagine the opportunities for your organization, your teams or families that naturally and continually help them to learn, grow, and achieve. 


The Power of Listening

Listening is a powerful tool that can help you understand and connect with others, and it is an essential part of effective communication. This course will help improve communication, build relationships, and facilitate understanding and problem-solving.


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Leadership in Transition

Leadership in transition

Leadership in transition refers to the process of leading a group or organization through a period of change. This course will help you and your organization navigate change and move forward successfully.


Leadership Development

Today's leaders must be participatory and flexible, yet powerful enough to inspire others. Energy Leadership is the process that develops a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences and changes not only yourself, but also those with whom you work and interact, as well as your organization.


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High Energy Relationships

Learning how to build high-energy relationships and to successfully lead others in this aspect of your professional lives will reduce stress and burden, free you to get more done through relationships with others (and yourself) and enable you to create a high performance organization that realizes it's potential and sustains it's level of experience. 


Energetic Sales

An energetic salesperson is someone who is passionate about their product or service, and is able to convey that enthusiasm to potential customers. This course will help foster a culture of energy and enthusiasm to drive success for both their employees and the organization as a whole.



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Time Management

Time is a natural part of life, and although it is limited, we can develop effective strategies to manage it so that we can achieve more and experience more of what we want to.  But, time management requires skills.  This program will help you to develop those skills and teach you to become a master of your own time rather than a slave to it.


Genius Mind

Did you ever have that moment when you are completely focused, the thoughts are flowing, you are in your grove. That is your genius mind.  This course will not only help ignite your creativity, and the ability to think critically and solve problems, but you will learn how toStrategies for stay focused and disciplined.


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Whether you view problems and conflicts as something to be fixed or as opportunities to experience and stimulate growth, this program will help you take the stress, frustration, guesswork, and rework out of problem solving and conflict management. 


Health & Wellness

Think how powerfully we could live our lives if we simply listened to our bodies reactions to our lifestyles and choices. Become a powerful leader in your own health and wellness. Reduce stress, boost your confidence and energy and develop a sense of inner peace and calm. Create a healthy and well you and inspire others to do the same. 


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Meet Bernice

I am a Certified Professional Coach. I hold additional certifications in Transition and Leadership. All of which were achieved through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). I completed the Tony Robbins UPW, Life Mastery, Business Mastery and Date With Destiny live seminars.

I also hold a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

The best gift I ever gave myself was to get to know myself. My true passion is helping my clients master themselves so that they can master any other are of life they want to!!