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The best gift I ever gave myself was to get to know my self.

Bernice Donato

My name is Bernice Donato and I own Bernice Donato Coaching, I am a Life Transition Coach and Author. I focus on the relationship you have with yourself and how that impacts you in your everyday life as well as through significant changes, because — after all — change is the only constant.


Whether you’re pursuing a new career, beginning or ending a relationship, or even facing the death of a loved one, life is a series of changes. You are either at its effect or you are affecting the course it takes in your life. Who you are vs. who you think you are can drastically change your outcome in any given situation.

How can a Transition Life Coach help you?  

As a Life Transition Coach, I will be your partner, helping you navigate through periods of change to transform it into a powerful transition. With transition coaching, you get to choose what this next phase of your life looks like. And I will help you find clarity around what’s important to you, develop skills to achieve the things you want, create a plan, stay on track and achieve amazing results for the next chapter of your life.

The benefits to Life Transition Coaching:

  • Learning to adapt and cope with challenging transitions

  • Exploring passions, values, strengths, interests, and core beliefs

  • Defining new goals and developing a plan to make them a reality

  • Uncovering obstacles and patterns that sabotage success and fulfillment

  • Discovering the power within you to live according to your own purpose and desire

  • Remaining focused, motivated, and accountable

  • Being better prepared for future transitions

  • Leading a happier, more successful life

“You can’t change the past anymore than you can predict the future.”

- Bernice Donato