1:1 Coaching

One on One Coaching provides transformative coaching for individuals and employees at all levels, so they can thrive throughout their lives and careers. One on one is individualized support for anyone wanting to achieve a personal or professional goal or an experienced leader to address their everyday challenges. While managers hone their craft, a coach will talk them through real-life applications helping them to develop coaching skills of their own. The one on one coaching experience helps all clients become the leaders they strive to be.

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Group Coaching

Group coaching programs are cohort-based and with multiple clients. It's a guided experience through the same program at the same time on the same topic. If gives clients the freedom to progress at their own pace or do self-assessments to verify they’ve learned the material being taught. But at its core, group coaching is a training with the added benefit of support from you and other students.

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Workshops are an opportunity for a team to collaborate, set goals, discuss problems or challenges, imagine new ideas, and brainstorm through solutions through open discussion. Workshops are about getting stuff done by using group exercises designed to get a specific outcome. They are generally done at the start of something new or to make decisions about moving forward.

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Courses will guide you through learning to master not only yourself, but the area of work or life you are hoping to improve. They involve a specific plan of study in regards to a particular subject matter that teaches a client how to utilize multiple perspectives at once. This wider aspect comes from our ability to incorporate our intuition, emotional awareness, experience, knowledge, and finally logic to whatever arises in life. 


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Lunch & Learn

A lunch-and-learn is a program where employers encourage employees or applicants to eat lunch in a group setting while simultaneously utilizing that time to complete trainings, seminars, recent/upcoming changes, and other education. It's an excellent opportunity for co-workers from different teams to meet and share their skills and expertise. This allows a chance for coworkers to collaborate in an informal environment and train new employees or existing ones.

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A strategy brainstorming session is a meeting in which a group of people come together to generate ideas and suggestions for a specific purpose or goal for a business, a project, or any other situation. These sessions stimulate creative thinking and generate a diverse range of ideas. Your team can begin to evaluate, prioritize and execute a plan for success.

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Speaking Engagements

Organizing a speaking engagement for your team, colleagues or employees can be a very powerful experience. When I am booked as a speaker, I personalize each event to meet the specific needs of your organization. Your teams will walk away feeling excited, confident and prepared to take on their goals with a new perspective. 

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Speaking Engagements
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ELI Assessment

ELI Assessment and Debrief - The assessment measures the filter, or lens, through which you experience the world in all dimensions – spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, etc. The assessment also measures your reaction to stress.

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