1:1 Coaching

One on One Coaching provides transformative coaching for individuals and employees at all levels, so they can thrive throughout their lives and careers. One on one is individualized support for anyone wanting to achieve a personal or professional goal or an experienced leader to address their everyday challenges. While managers hone their craft, a coach will talk them through real-life applications helping them to develop coaching skills of their own. The one on one coaching experience helps all clients become the leaders they strive to be.

Bernice & Nancy
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Team Coaching

Team coaching fosters improved collaboration and communication among team members. By providing a safe and supportive environment, team coaching encourages open dialogue, active listening, and understanding. This leads to enhanced trust, strengthened relationships, and the development of effective teamwork skills. Bernice will facilitate discussions that clarify objectives, establish shared vision, and ensure everyone is working towards a common purpose. This alignment promotes a sense of unity and collective ownership, leading to increased motivation and productivity. 

Team 4

ELI Assessment

ELI Assessment and Debrief - The assessment measures the filter, or lens, through which you experience the world in all dimensions – spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, etc. The assessment also measures your reaction to stress.

The ELI assessment offers individuals a powerful tool for self-reflection, personal growth, and professional development. It provides valuable insights, actionable strategies, and a framework for increasing self-awareness, improving leadership skills, managing stress, enhancing emotional intelligence, achieving goals, and transforming one's overall energy and impact on the world.