One on one coaching is the process where your coach helps you change in the way you wish, overcome an issue or improve your overall performance either personally or professionally. The relationship revolves around sharing experiences & knowledge on a specific topic or area of your life. You will learn how to best approach different situations and lay out the steps that should be used when executing the tasks.

The benefits of working one on one is the individual focus on:

  • It provides clarity and focus on your goals, and helps you to develop the path to
    achieving them.
  • Accountability to be progressing forward towards your defined goals.
  • Identify areas of improvement that you may otherwise not realize are holding you
  • Implement a development plan that hones in on the skills you need to achieve
    your goals.

Much like a professional athlete works with the very best coaches to perform at their best, a one on one coach does the same. There is a perception that a coach is only needed when there is something to fix. This may be true in some situations, however, there are so many more one on one coaching benefits than just fixing. We don’t question why an Olympic athlete works with a coach, however, there is a misconception why someone who is clearly excelling in their career would work with one. 

  • Goal Achievement
    Working with a coach helped clients create action plans, meet checkpoints, and stay accountable against objectives to achieve their defined goals.
  • Greater Confidence
    After working with a coach, clients felt they were much more self-resilient and confident as a leader.
  • Job Satisfaction
    Coaching clients experienced increased levels of satisfaction with current roles which also included spillover effects to their personal lives as well.
  • Increased Contribution
    Clients felt they were better able to effectively contribute to a team and the organization, in addition to taking greater accountability for the outcome after one to one coaching sessions.
  • Better Relationships
    A side benefit experienced by many clients was the ability to build trusting and productive relationships with superiors, employees, and peers.

CONCLUSION: One on one coaching can help at any stage in our lives and or

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement,
achievement, and success have no meaning.” ~Benjamin Franklin

If you’re committed to progressing in life or your career and achieving a state of heightened self-awareness, the addition of one to one coaching to your leadership development plan is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. A professional coach will only strengthen your ability to achieve your defined goals and