An individual may choose to take a course as he/she sees it relates to a situation they are currently struggling with or working through. For example, a young woman building a business may choose to take a course such as “Becoming a Female Entrepreneur”, or someone navigating a divorce may take a course such as “Divorce with Direction.” Someone looking to improve their leadership skills may take a self-mastery course. 

The course materials are delivered over a period of time and provide the client time to reflect and take a much deeper dive into the materials. This organically provides the 

Students who successfully complete the course will be able to master not only themselves, but the area of work or life they are hoping to improve.

Courses may be presented in person or online. 

Leadership University

Leadership University is a virtual educational institution that provides leadership development training and resources for individuals and organizations. 


Self-Mastery Course

This course is designed to provide you with the tools, techniques, and strategies you need to take control of your life and help you unlock your true potential. This course is for individuals and organizations. 



Mentorship opportunities provide individuals with invaluable guidance, support, and knowledge. Through mentorship, individuals can develop new skills, expand their networks, gain confidence, and accelerate their progress towards their goals. Mentorship opportunities foster meaningful relationships, inspire learning, and unlock untapped potential, enabling individuals to thrive and achieve their aspirations.


Divorce with Direction

This course is specifically designed to provide you with the tools and support you need to navigate, plan and prepare for all aspects of your divorce in a positive and proactive way. It will help guide through the process with clarity, purpose and in the direction of your new life.


Bernice Donato Coaching

“When I started working with Bernice, I needed to make personal and professional changes. The problem was, I was terrified to change. I had little faith in my abilities. In addition, I felt stuck and completely overwhelmed.
Bernice created a safe space for me to open up and be honest about my life and why I was unhappy. She has an uncanny ability to be disarming. Without feeling judged, I could get clear about some critical issues.
Bernice helped me tap back onto my courage. We quickly identified the areas of my life I wanted to effect change. We worked through the steps I needed to take to move forward and created a plan of action to make it happen. She was an endless sea of resources and held back nothing. I genuinely felt like Bernice was equally invested in my success.
I can't remember the last time I felt this strong, confident, and proud of myself. I am no longer at the effect of my life. I'm affecting my life now—what a powerful difference. ”

Sr. Buyer, Bluestem Brands

Bernice Donato Coaching

“A few months ago, I expressed to Bernice an idea I had for a new business that I wanted to start developing. While I have run businesses in the past, I always came to a roadblock when having to plan and organize my websites and funnels. Bernice helped me to put legs under the business I now run, Life Assistants. She has given me the tools necessary to operate seamlessly, the systems that have improved my customer service, allowing customers to book and pay for their appointments with me by a click of a button, and she is constantly sharing ideas and suggestions with me so that I may continue to grow. Since working with Bernice, my clientele has gone up 350% !”

Owner of Life Assistants