Bernice Donato Coaching

“Bernice has been coaching me for several years now and has helped me set personal and professional goals which, in turn, has given me a more “complete” feeling of control in my life. Prior to working with her, I always would question myself, “ I wish I did this or I should have done it this way.” I felt like I was stuck in neutral. She has helped me move forward. In one of our initial sessions, she did ELI assessment on my
personality, which points out how I view situations with and without stress. She has taught me how to better handle stress, and then how to revisit the situation when I am not under stress. Each week we identify goals, and then work toward reaching them. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have Bernice in my corner.”

Integrative Family Medicine

Bernice Donato Coaching

“If you don’t know the meaning of a life coach, it is an eye-opening experience. Working with Bernice has altered the course of my personal and professional life in a way that I could have never imagined. She’s changed the course of my life; even at 60 years old! The tools utilized in her coaching sessions allow you to see the power within yourself that you never knew existed. That is what she does. You have the ability; but she gives you the tools to discover this ability within yourself. She not only helps you uncover your skills and talents, but she gives you the ability to execute. The E.L.I. assessment alone allows you to dig in deeper into what you possess and bring it to light.”

President of Ethan and the Bean

Bernice Donato Coaching

“My work with Bernice began at a critical time in life. I was working through a divorce, parenting struggles, and the need for a significant career shift. Therapy is something I was familiar with and was engaged in simultaneously, something to help me untangle the whys behind what got me where I was. But coaching is a different, equally critical tool, not just to get through a difficult time, but to thrive and see goals to fruition. Coaching with Bernice kept me from staying stuck on bad days, hurtful conversations, and self-limiting fears.
Bernice's work may best be described as a partnership during transition and growth in both my home life and my career simultaneously, when allowing fear and uncertainty to influence my thoughts and actions could have had devastating consequences in the long run. My coaching work with Bernice supported my self-confidence as I made difficult choices, ones that felt like leaps of faith but that I was coached to believe and then experience as learning to listen to my gut.
Over the course of 2 years, I made it through the challenges inherent in divorce, both emotionally and financially, and in career moves that were critical to my work towards self-actualization in that area of my life. In the last 7 years, I completed my doctorate, my career has flourished, my income tripled, and opportunities for growth have grown exponentially. These achievements happened during the vulnerable and opportunistic time of transition, and are feats I know were facilitated by my exceptional coach, Bernice.”

Dr. Of Physical Therapy, Health Care Policy and Regulatory Affairs Leader

Bernice Donato Coaching

“When I started working with Bernice, I needed to make personal and professional changes. The problem was, I was terrified to change. I had little faith in my abilities. In addition, I felt stuck and completely overwhelmed.
Bernice created a safe space for me to open up and be honest about my life and why I was unhappy. She has an uncanny ability to be disarming. Without feeling judged, I could get clear about some critical issues.
Bernice helped me tap back onto my courage. We quickly identified the areas of my life I wanted to effect change. We worked through the steps I needed to take to move forward and created a plan of action to make it happen. She was an endless sea of resources and held back nothing. I genuinely felt like Bernice was equally invested in my success.
I can't remember the last time I felt this strong, confident, and proud of myself. I am no longer at the effect of my life. I'm affecting my life now—what a powerful difference. ”

Sr. Buyer, Bluestem Brands

Bernice Donato Coaching

“A few months ago, I expressed to Bernice an idea I had for a new business that I wanted to start developing. While I have run businesses in the past, I always came to a roadblock when having to plan and organize my websites and funnels. Bernice helped me to put legs under the business I now run, Life Assistants. She has given me the tools necessary to operate seamlessly, the systems that have improved my customer service, allowing customers to book and pay for their appointments with me by a click of a button, and she is constantly sharing ideas and suggestions with me so that I may continue to grow. Since working with Bernice, my clientele has gone up 350% !”

Owner of Life Assistants

Bernice Donato Coaching
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“Working with Bernice has allowed for my professional and personal development. Each lesson leverages Bernice’s expertise, dedication, and mastery of Energy Leadership to help you become the best version of yourself, ultimately being the best leader for those around you.
Working with Bernice has enabled me to improve my decision-making, growth planning, organization, and control of my stress reactions. She helped me build a strong foundation of tools and skills needed to excel in a corporate environment, and, more importantly, she helped me to create my unique leadership style to allow my team to thrive. Bernice has not only helped me develop the tools and skills I need to navigate the daily challenges in my personal and professional life, but she has also helped me plan short and long-term growth plans and measure and achieve my goals. I can attest that Bernice can help transform anyone willing to put the time, effort, and dedication into making a change for themselves.”

Director of Growth & Development

Bernice Donato Coaching

“Bernice is the consummate professional coach. She is a tell-it-like-it-is open book within a linguistic eloquence of expertise. She can quickly determine the needs of the transitionary leader within an individual and provide the tools to help the evolution of self naturally occur. It has been an absolute willing challenge and a journey of delight to work with her.”

Owner of Matters of Management