Bernice has been coaching me for several years now and has helped me set personal and professional goals which, in turn, has given me a more “complete” feeling of control in my life. Prior to working with her, I always would question myself, “ I wish I did this or I should have done it this way.” I felt like I was stuck in neutral. She has helped me move forward. In one of our initial sessions, she did ELI assessment on my
personality, which points out how I view situations with and without stress. She has taught me how to better handle stress, and then how to revisit the situation when I am not under stress. Each week we identify goals, and then work toward reaching them. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have Bernice in my corner.


~Dr. Nancy Lentine

"What coaching did & does for me is to help me feel my own strength and confidence, trust in it, believe in it and us this to implement change in my thought and behavior.  I use the tools and strategies I developed at Mosaic Life Coaching.


I came to Bernice “stuck.” I couldn’t make or stick with decisions about my relationships, career or my children and found myself in a frequent stat of anxiety and panic.  I was losing control of not just my present, but also inevitably, my future.


Bernice skillfully tapped into my own abilities, building in me, layer by layer, the confidence to dig my heels in and live my life with joy.  She taught me to slow down with tangible strategies, palatable and effective even for someone with a very objective/scientific orientation to the world.  She could “read” how to best reach me and she met me where I was.  Her particular brand of treatment modalities helped empower me to face the challenges upon me and ultimately work towards the best version of myself.  This has changed the trajectory of my life.  


Since working with Bernice, I am finally emotionally recovered from my divorce (now even friends with my ex-husband) and have truly forgiven myself for my mistakes and let go of my regrets. I know who I am and am excited about the possibilities to come. As Bernice says, “Anything can happen. Anything happens all the time.” I am single for the 1st time in over 20 years, comfortable and free to be me and open to what may come next. I am emotionally present with my children and have tapped into patience and joy.  I forgot I was there.  I have also learned to be a better friend.  I’m breaking ground in a new, progressive direction in my field of work, becoming a leader in my niche & creating a consulting business on the side.  


While Bernice says I did this - it was my work – it was her voice and guidance, steady, unyielding support.  The strength she often seemed to literally gift to me were the life changing “medicine” her work gave me.  I couldn’t be more grateful for receiving the gifts of her talent."


~Dana Strauss

"Bernice Donato masters a perfect blend of strength and tenderness that is rare and special.  She radiates warmth and light while being honest and making no apologies for who she is.  When I first met her, I was immediately drawn to her for her natural ability to command a room while still making sure no one was unheard.  However, as I got to know her, I saw a more vulnerable and introspective side, a softer person with a clear desire to share her wisdom, realize her potential, and help others realize their own potential.  I believe all of these traits prove her to be a versatile, skilled, and genuine coach that anyone would be lucky to have."


~Martha Redfield

"When I started my first session with Bernice Donato, I was not sure what to make of it. I was hesitant at first because I thought it would be similar to a therapy session. However, that is not the case; she has the ability to ask a question without telling me the answer. Bernice has helped me to find it within myself to answer her questions or her thoughts on the topic we are talking about. By reassuring me that my answers are the way I feel about the topic and that my answers do not have to be socially desirable to what her answers might be or anyone else’s answers. The impact that coaching with Bernice has had on me is something that makes me want to look at a situation I am in and want to dance differently. This impact may seem so simple to others but to me, it is so powerful. The powerfulness of this impact has guided me to alter the way I want to use my voice as a helping tool. I have learned that the most powerful tool in coaching for me at least is my voice. Coaching has taught me a huge range of the weaknesses and strengths I have found in myself. Adding to that, I have taken my weaknesses and turned them into a strength. The difference I see in my weaknesses now that I didn’t see before was the way I turned my weaknesses into strengths. Meaning that I always thought a weakness was a default to have in life; it’s more than that. Vulnerability is not a weakness it's a strength that is a building block that will enhance your capability of how you present yourself. Another aspect I see weakness as more of a strength is because your weakness is morally a challenge that ultimately sets you up to fail. Whether you fail or move forward going through the challenge and not giving up is more of a strength than a weakness to have."


~Katheryn Missbrenner

"Bernice Donato is a gifted and talented coach who can offer multi services to her clients.  I have come to know Bernice from a professional level where I have witnessed her coaching skills in action leading to successful outcomes with her clients. What I admire greatly in Bernice is her depth of knowledge and continued aspirations to inspire her clients in their meeting goals."


~Debra McKay

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